Within our range of products we have motorised conveyor belts for small size pieces, by rollers o magnetic belts, and also separators or filtering systems for oils and lubricants.

Nowadays we also manufacture equipment for the recovery of wastewater.

  • Consultancy: We provide an assessment and consultancy service to our customers to perfectly understand our customers’ requirements and hence offer the best solution.
  • Original spare parts: We have a constant stock of wear components that we deliver immediately from our premises in Bergara.
  • Technical assistance: We can repair any breakdowns, build and improve any equipment and carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance. Telefono Filber
  • Engineering: We can personalise and adapt the equipment to meet the customer’s requirements.

for cutting oils and lubricants

Standard equipment and custom made.

Within our range of products we can offer you magnetic conveyor belt equipment, perfect for separating cast and steel iron particles of medium and big size, or roller magnetic belts and filtering fabric belts, prepared for filtering smaller particles.

Filtering capacity from 30 l/m to 1.500 l/m

magnetic belt – rollers - dredges

Standard equipment and custom made.

Motorised roller conveyors for small size pieces or magnetic belts for the separation of screws, forming pieces, punching cut outs, etc. Produced according to your needs.

custom made equipment

Pumping systems, piece feeding systems, elevators …

Highly qualified staff always in the search for the best solution for your needs. Custom designs of pumping systems, piece feeding systems, etc.

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After sales service

We offer an after sales service to solve any issues or problems that may arise, our aim being to achieve your upmost satisfaction with our equipment. If you have any queries or questions, do not doubt to get in touch with us. We will not stop until your problem is solved.

Contact us

As and when you require. We want to be your choice for filtering equipment and conveyor belts.

Address: Amillaga 12-14 20570 BERGARA (GIPUZKOA) - SPAIN
Telephone:(+34) 943 76 17 45
FAX: 943 76 97 46