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The JASO roller conveyor produced by Filber is used for small parts such as nuts, bolts and screws in segments such as machine tool, metal cutting industries, etc.

JASO is made with extruded aluminum sections and its useful width, angle and shape may vary according to the customer’s needs.

Advantages of JASO

  • Reduces production costs as it eliminates the need for machine downtime to add material. For example, a 20 minute stop when fabricating nails means 600 nails less will be produced, which means producing up to 12.000 nails less on a day. JASO guarantees a clean and efficient continuous production, without downtimes.
  • JASO offers personalised solutions according to the customer’s needs, thanks to the customisable width, angle and shape.
  • Minimum maintenance costs thanks to its extruded aluminium structure and its system for the continuous lubrication of its conveyor chain.

Technical specifications

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Pumps, filters… all of it of the utmost quality.

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